October 3, 2008


I remember...

The moment I first saw you

When I first looked into your eyes

I felt a tremor,pass down my spine

But you remained unaffected.

I remember...

The other times

Fate put us together.

The many efforts I made

To reach out to you

But you remained indifferent.

I remember...

How desperate I felt

When I did not feel

your presence near,

When I tried to let you know

how much I yearned for you.

But you never seemed to care.

I remember...

The day you were leaving

And I saw you passing by..

My eyes brimming with

unshed tears,

Wondering if you would take me along.

But you never noticed.

I remember...

The tumult I felt within me

Waiting to reveal my

feeling to you,

wanting to probe into

Your silence

And then...

I felt your

eyelids rise..

The time stood still

when you stopped

and nodded.


I understood you cared.