March 14, 2009


One day I’ll not be here.
My breath will mingle with the winds.
Arrival and departure is a ritual here.
My footprints will be lost
On these trodden paths….

My dreams would sleep on this earth.
My teardrops will flow down the stream.
The petal of memories will fade in the wet dewdrops.
The lust of life will be lost
In the light mists…

O Bird !
I would lay as soil or ashes
Till the rain of love
Reincarnates me as a shady tree….

Note: This is the translation of one of the poems in the anthology "PAKHEE JANMA" (published in Oriya,meaning "A Bird's Life"). The book is a collection of 41 poems penned by my mother.

The above poem is the 29th piece of the collection.