August 12, 2009


Had not quite collected all
That life had offered me,
No accounts were kept
Of pleasures…..
Of illegitimate achievements…..
I counted them,
The retreating waves,
The moonlight lost in thoughts,
The blue sea foam
Surrendering to those timed waves,
The silence of the deep nights..
Broken dreams under eyelids
Criss-crossing lines on palms
The brown course of dried tears
The sky filled with stars of disillusion.

Many a times have I fixed,
The already-worn jewel of infamity.
Many a times have I set foot
In the infernal fire of sin.
The joy of getting burnt
Is an art in itself….
The untold pain of losing oozing blood
Is an art in itself….
The helplessness when each cry
Refuses to be a word ..
Hearts shattered as sand-castles
Plight of barren Casuarina groves
Painting pictures with gentle yellow hues
Sourced from the bouquet of all failures
Is an art in itself…..

P.S. : 12th August-the anniversary of the dearest lady of my life.....Also the first anniversary of this blog.

Words fail me...all I can say is, I love you Mamma...


Nikhil Menon said...

Happy Birthday mamma.. :) May god bless u with the best things in life and may u have a wonderful year ahead,just as much as u have a wonderful daughter for company.. :)

Take care..


Prajnyashree said...

thanks for the wishes !!
that was a sweet birthday wish.
I was wondering if you write poems.

Nikhil Menon said...

My poems suck mamma..and if at all I come up with a decent one,would have spent most of my lifetime on it.. :P

Unknown said...

it was so good.i dont have the words to express my emotions....

Prajnyashree said...

thanks for coming here!!!

Life is a battle for all of us and we have to conquer it.


Tulika said...

This is such a beautiful verse.

Didn't knew Anwesa di that you have given such a fine present to your mom?!
This is incredibly great.
My hearty wishes to you.

sm said...

happy birthday
nice poem

sulagna said...

happy birthday mommy :) did you show her this know the other day i was wondering where did you disappear :)

Anwesa said...


Thanks again ! ( I never knew such a tiny thing like this could give her so much pleasure ).

Anwesa said...

Thanks !

Anwesa said...


Yes, I showed her this poem. And she was glad.